Dignity in CinemaScope

Here is an Italian movie, watched seven years ago, once. I have never watched ‘The Consequences of Love‘ again. Such is this masterpiece, that I would rate above all features, and the haunting beauty of it all that makes me stop and just think of what transpired. I no longer wish to see this for fear that my view of this movie may diminish ever so slightly with every watch and make me forget about the plot. Gushing over this movie, I would like to reiterate that this is no run of the mill European cinematic fantasy where too much emphasis is given to the arty mis-en-scene’s and what not. There are moments of art that gel well into the storyline and do not feel forced or patronizing to the visual.

Paolo Sorrentino went on to greater things post this movie. ‘The Consequences of Love’ is set in Lugano, in the midst of the Swiss banks and retired expats who make this a haven of peace and calm, foreboding silence. The film breathes a richness in scene after scene enhanced only by the stars – Toni Servillo and Olivia Magnani. Magnani is one of the most beautiful actresses I have come across and her relationship with Toni’s character never extends beyond a touch. And there lies the beauty of this whole relationship with a backdrop of the mafia, money laundering banks, hitmen and gossiping retirees who come together to conspire and help the film reach a beautiful climax. Without revealing much, this movie is a moving visual spectacle that truly defines what dignity, character and beauty can mean in a relationship going past the ‘hurdles’ of trust.

Paolo Sorrentino went on to win an Academy Award much later but this movie is a masterpiece that will forever remain one.


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