American Odyssey Part 2 – Philadelphia

The second leg of my journey (technically the third, but I am not counting the business part of it), began on an early morning in Orlando where I caught the 6 AM flight on a non-stop to Philadelphia. After a peaceful flight I caught my first glimpse of the frozen Philly lake and the docks as the plane landed on an extremely chilly morning. I knew it was cold and braced myself for a really freezing welcome. As soon as I reached the luggage carousel I saw my Aunt Jovita run up to me with a huge bundle in my arms. And there was my jacket. Good ol’ A. Jovita had brought a large and warm jacket for me and I immediately got into it with my sweater beneath. It was great seeing Aunt Jovita (again another of my mom’s sister’s) and Uncle Francis and we began our journey back home to the suburbs.On the way we made a stop at the Rocky steps at the Metropolitan Museum and the Liberty Bell before we had an awesome Japanese lunch at Teikoku. The Rocky steps were particularly memorable as I love that movie and I did try reenacting Sylvester Stallone’s run to the top. With my large jacket I looked like the Michelin Man running up.

Philly is vibrant, crowded in places and cold. Getting back to the suburbs, the picture postcard like setting made it a sight to behold. While my first lunch in Philly was Japanese, the evening included meat puffs, ham and cheese croissants, pork ribs in honey chilli sauce – all prepared by my aunt. And they were amazing. Oh and not to forget, I joined my uncle on a trip to Rosy Kutti’s place – A malayalee lady who prepared chicken stew and appams Mallu style. The trip was made through sleet and snow in the evening, but it was well worth it.


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