Green fingers

I would attribute the above title solely to my parents. Landing late last night in Mangalore, I noticed a new layer of grass adjacent to our front verandah. As I got out of the vehicle the lights were shining down on a neatly trimmed lawn that I came to know later was a type of Mexican grass. It did stand out beautifully and I couldn’t help but make a rare comment on the green addition to our house to the delight of my mom.

Lawns definitely add to the soothing atmosphere of a home and along with this I have seen cherry trees and palm trees provide the right amount of shade and beauty to a yard. My parents green fingers may not have completely been bequeathed to me, but I do take pleasure in doing my bit of gardening whenever I can. While watering the yard this morning I noticed the phenomenal growth of the plantain tree that has already yielded a bunch. Constant manuring in the form of vegetable and fruit compost and plenty of water have helped this tree develop rapidly and no sooner did the first bunch get plucked and you had the next set popping out of the pods.

The coconut trees have benefited from this form of irrigation and manuring too.Additionally the falling coconut and plantain leaves act as a protective cover for the manure for it to fertilize the soil.

Next in line is a pomegranate plant that was given to my Dad by one of his patients. This plant is all set to join our garden and we are now in the process of identifying space for this. Would it be good next to the plantain tree or the Tulsi plant. A conundrum for now.


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