Men’s rooms and celebrities

I am convinced. The best way to catch a celebrity who happens to be in the same building as you is to wait near the washrooms and then catch a selfie/groupie or whatever they call the pictures taken with varied angles. Now, post the Pankaj Udhas concert at the KSCA grounds, a few friends and I were waiting near the boundary for Pankaj Udhas to come out of the green room. We wanted a photo with him after the wonderful concert that evening. He went past us with the coterie of KSCA office bearers and a ring of guards and made his way to the exclusive lounge. The doors were shut with guards posted outside and we followers were left ruing a chance to get at least an autograph from him.

Two minutes later, as we got ready to move back home, we see Pankaj Udhas slip out and make his way to the men’s room. OK, this was our chance. We waited a few metres away from the men’s room and after a protracted period he came out and we immediately waylaid him. Well, waylaid is a bit harsh, we actually went up to him and told him how big a fan we were and our families were of him. He gently and patiently spoke and listened to us and then readily posed for a photograph with all of us. And we got a selfie too. He was more than happy to have us around him. At least that’s what I gathered from his body language.

Pankaj Udhas was quite a gentleman and took the time to pose for these snaps that I have posted here. And yes, we got photo-bombed by the security guard.

IMG_20150315_164738071_HDR IMG-20150315-WA0002 IMG-20150315-WA0003


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