Florida Diary

I am writing this post on a cold Florida morning, sitting on the dock behind my aunt’s place with seagulls flying about and a speedboat on its way in the near distance. From this dock I get a panoramic view of the Peninsula bridge and get engulfed by the mist every half an hour.

By the dock behind the home
By the dock behind the home

I have been down in the US for a little more than a week and from the warm environs of California I am now in cold and not so sunny Florida. The weather has played hide and seek with the warm, sunny Floridian weather nowhere to be found. But don’t get me wrong, the place is stunning. From the Atlantic shores to the beautiful parks and recreation centres and hosted in a lovely Ormond Beach address, my holiday has officially kicked in after the work visit to Anaheim, CA.

Ormond Beach is a quiet exclusive community off Daytona Beach and an hours journey from Orlando. Exclusive – considering the fact I am hardly 300 metres away from the winter home of John Rockefeller. I had last been to Orlando in 1984 and it was a purely Disney visit at that time. This time Orlando meant P.F. Chang‘s and shopping in some exclusive stores – Dillard’s to be precise. And of course a visit to ‘Mary, Queen of the Universe‘ Basilica, a pilgrimage point for many around the area. Florida is laid back, You get the feeling the moment you enter the small plane that gets you from Charlotte to Daytona Beach. The Daytona Beach airport is as small as a mini mall. But the lack of traffic and crowds make this a perfect vacation spot and I am soaking in every bit of it.

Ormond Beach
Ormond Beach

I am not a great fan of shopping, but travelling does present its fair share of shopping experiences. And I learnt about new brands too from my sister. “Get a Coach bag for mum, get a roomba for yourself, J’adore from Dior for me”, these instructions from my sister made me that little bit educated about the finer details in shopping. As I get ready for Philadelphia, the cold winds from Florida would be like warm summer compared to the freezing temperatures up north. I have my woolens ready for the next leg of my journey which I am told would include Casinos, New York and maybe Manoj Night Shyamalan’s haunts from the past.


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