Playing in the minor

I have always enjoyed playing with the minor chords ‘Am, Dm, Cm, Bm’. Maybe it’s because of the flexibility that these chords exude in terms of stretching the fingers thus giving a sense of accomplishment when you hear the first notes on the guitar. While a lot of my early work surrounded oldies from Cliff Richard, The Beatles and even Shakin Stevens, I decided to try my hand at songs new and trending – Sam Smith, a case in point.

I like Sam Smith’s vocal range, it’s classy, smooth, emotive and is ‘different’. “I’m not the only one” really struck me as a beautiful ballad and I reached out for my guitar to try out the song with a slow rhythm that, though not exact, did bring out the songs vibe. The chords were extremely simple – F, A, Dm, A# and C. All I needed was the right vocalist. Well forget the falsetto, I tried my hand at singing (something I was good at in my school days before my voice broke – and believe me I did win prizes in singing). And it was good enough with the normal vocal range to strum my guitar and get the tune in place. Maybe I will record this stuff someday and make a mix tape out of it. It’s good to be vain and hear yourself belt out some good hits from time to time.