The BFC Corporate Football Rumble

After our teams last outing (where we did show some promise but failed to deliver), we get another chance to work it out on the Sarjapur Road Decathlon football turf. The Bangalore Football Club Corporate Football Rumble will take place here and the ground is like our home ground. We practice here every Friday and getting into the tournament this weekend should give us the confidence to do better than our last outing.Decathlon Ground Sarjapur

Writing this post I am mulling over the various parameters we need to cover. Our immediate aim is to move into the next round. Sixteen teams, four groups and two advancing teams make this a tight finish. Given the time for each half i.e. 7 minutes each, we need to be prepared for tight finishes and physically up to it for skirmishes in the box.

Our challenge in the last tournament we played in June was finishing. Poor finishing from the strikers, erratic defending and a scattered midfield made us vulnerable to strikes and counter attacks. Our team strength lies in counter-attacks and the goals we scored relied on a couple of players with the dribbling capacity. My keeping needs to be improved too. Dives are a must, they have always been my weakness. Blocks are fine and the charging can be improved. Considering the tight timelines for each match, we need to be ready for a brutal and hard game.

However, unlike the SPT tournament which was an open format where club teams were allowed to participate, the Bangalore Football Club has focused solely on corporates and the team composition has to be backed with relevant IDs unlike SPT where the team structures kept changing from match to match.

Being a professional club I expect BFC to organize a professional tournament and with Decathlon on board it should be in the interest of all involved to have a thoroughly fair match here. And this time we are not playing for the fair play award that we won at the SPT tournament. We are playing to win. And my aim – zero goal tolerance.


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