A Happy Con

But for my sister I would not have gone for this year’s Comic Con convention in Bangalore. Touted as the biggest of comic conventions held in India and with a larger gathering than the previous years, Veena made sure I had all arrangements in place as she came down from Mangalore for this. And boy… was it fun.

I bought the Super Fan ticket for Veena for which she would receive some extra goodies, while I stuck to a day pass. This year the convention was held at the White Orchid Convention centre next to the Manyata Tech Park in Hebbal, Bangalore. I had hardly been to this part of town and we had to retrace their steps as I missed a turning. Thanks to Google Drive (though not completely) we made a safe landing at the venue.

Veena with Khaleesi from 'Game of Thrones'
Veena with Khaleesi from ‘Game of Thrones’

We landed on the second day, a weekend and were early, hence were able to get through the pass collection and security check quite fast. I had booked the tickets online and we did not ave to go through the registration process while picking our tickets. While going towards the security check we noticed a tiny kid dressed like Magneto from X-Men strutting confidently towards the venue with his parents. He was a part of the cosplay and what struck Veena and me was the air of confidence with which he carried himself. I missed taking a picture of him with his cape flowing as he walked past, head high in the air. It was cute and endearing. Veena was all excited and told me that we have to get a photo with this guy once we are in. Alas, with the growing crowds we lost him.

But, once inside, Comic Con was a blast. There were tons of crazy stalls and curios out there and we made it through all the stores while patiently sifting through what they had on offer. The first purchase was a Tywek Simpsons wallet for me. This wallet never tears and is made of Tywek which is one of the toughest fibers from DuPont. The next purchase was a Guardians of the Galaxy set followed by books – ‘Maus‘ by Art Spiegelman and ‘V for Vendetta‘. And then there came the big one.

David Lloyd - co-creator and artist of 'V for Vendetta'
With David Lloyd – co-creator and artist of ‘V for Vendetta’

Veena wanted to meet David Lloyd, the co-creator of ‘V for Vendetta’, but when we entered we were told he would be in the next day. This dampener was soon removed when a volunteer confirmed that he would be at the venue in 15 minutes. No sooner did we buy the ‘V for Vendetta’ graphic novel from the Crossword stall, than we saw David Lloyd settling in on stage to sign the books. We rushed to the section and were second in the line. And then he signed our book – “For Veena and Vivek from David Lloyd”. We were thrilled, never had we met an author who signed our books and here we were with one of the greatest graphic artists of all time with a personally signed copy of his masterpiece. And to top it, he graciously agreed to a request to have a photo with him. He got out of his seat, got us on stage and had an assistant take our photo with him. And he was such a gentleman. Respect.

We were now in seventh heaven. And we raided every stall from here on. My favourite was the Mario Miranda and the Bombay Talkies (I think) stall. I bought a ‘Godzilla‘ poster from the Bombay shop and a couple of Mario Miranda official digital prints from his shop. The Mario Miranda team was from Goa and they were just like a little shop of curios. A delightful experience if there was any. Veena was all over the place and I lost track of the number of things she bought.
As we left the venue the crowds swelled and it began getting stuffy. I was glad we were there on time to see everything in relative comfort. And so like giddy kids we got back home with our spoils of the day. Comic Con, I definitely will be back next year. Good show.

The BFC Corporate Football Rumble

After our teams last outing (where we did show some promise but failed to deliver), we get another chance to work it out on the Sarjapur Road Decathlon football turf. The Bangalore Football Club Corporate Football Rumble will take place here and the ground is like our home ground. We practice here every Friday and getting into the tournament this weekend should give us the confidence to do better than our last outing.Decathlon Ground Sarjapur

Writing this post I am mulling over the various parameters we need to cover. Our immediate aim is to move into the next round. Sixteen teams, four groups and two advancing teams make this a tight finish. Given the time for each half i.e. 7 minutes each, we need to be prepared for tight finishes and physically up to it for skirmishes in the box.

Our challenge in the last tournament we played in June was finishing. Poor finishing from the strikers, erratic defending and a scattered midfield made us vulnerable to strikes and counter attacks. Our team strength lies in counter-attacks and the goals we scored relied on a couple of players with the dribbling capacity. My keeping needs to be improved too. Dives are a must, they have always been my weakness. Blocks are fine and the charging can be improved. Considering the tight timelines for each match, we need to be ready for a brutal and hard game.

However, unlike the SPT tournament which was an open format where club teams were allowed to participate, the Bangalore Football Club has focused solely on corporates and the team composition has to be backed with relevant IDs unlike SPT where the team structures kept changing from match to match.

Being a professional club I expect BFC to organize a professional tournament and with Decathlon on board it should be in the interest of all involved to have a thoroughly fair match here. And this time we are not playing for the fair play award that we won at the SPT tournament. We are playing to win. And my aim – zero goal tolerance.