When the sun goes down

Sitting on the beach as twilight approaches
I look across the horizon and watch the murder of crows
flying off to their nests as evening comes by
with the waves below giving out a collective sigh.

Day ends, but the sun still remains
giving out a last ray of hope of the hours that were
the sand gently brushes against my feet
as the wind raises up a gentle storm.

I have gone through the day
It had its bright spots, it had its eclipses
and there was this one flare that really shined
to the point where I believed the experience to be divine.

But flares do die down with the change in weather
From the fiery heat to the coldness of winter
A day can include every season of the year
seasons that bring in courage and fear.

I took on the morning with the courage of a Spartan
Sure, decisive and warmed up for the moment
And then came the rain that drew out the clouds
And dampened and left me cowering in the shadows.

I tried to rise up from the storm
reached out and ran down a trail that was no longer smooth
Flowing mud and roots that caught my feet
Leaving me searching for a shelter to retreat.

The flashes of lighting lit up the trail
and the sun came out in spurts with some hail
I waited and wandered, meandered in fact
wondering if I had the courage to compete and act.

I began on a path that turned into a false start
Never reaching the true map that had been drawn
The day influenced and brought out its share of mirages
Shimmering and driving insane the needles on the compass.

I watched and waited and that’s all I did
The day went on leaving me behind
By the time all ended the wreckage was on the sands
The very sands where I built castles as a child.

I had this day to reach out and act
Slice through the foliage that blocked out the sun
Be on a path that ran through and true
But alas I was stuck in a shadow I hardly knew.

I know not what I have become
As twilight descends on the sands of the beach
I know not what the next day holds
Or if the moon would shine down tonight with unease.

As I leave nature to chart its own path
I look into myself and see what I have got
I could use the waves and the wind that blows in gusts
To map my course with an honest heart.