Say a little prayer for you…

Zizou is sick. Six years and counting, the little tyke we brought home nearly suffered renal failure due to a large kidney stone that required surgery to remove. Post surgery, his uric acid levels are high and sodium levels are low – both dangerously.

Three days back, my mom noticed him struggling and immediately called the vet. A scan later confirmed the stone and it was not possible to flush it despite repeated attempts. My Sister and mom then got ready to take him to Udupi for surgery as Dad had inspection work in the hospital and with examiners coming in, he was extremely busy. But Zizou being the youngest child of the house, Dad left everything and came home and that evening along with the watchman and Veena, and they set out for Udupi for the crucial surgery as the surgeon was available only there. The surgery was done, the stone removed and an anaesthethized Zizou was brought back home at nearly 10 that night.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis of Assisi

Zizou remains critical and at this hour, we are all standing by him as we do our best to encourage him to get better and just be by his side as we keep administering medication and nutrition at intervals during the day and night. I got in this morning and did my bit. As we get ready for his next round of feeding, I pray and hope that he heals. The healing may be slow, that’s what the vet informed us. But we need to follow a rejuvenation process for Little Zizou and stick to it diligently. My sister, Mum and Dad have spent the last couple of days around Zizou, trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. It’s hard watching him suffer like this, but there are signs he will pull through. Every raised head, every prick of the ears gives us hope.

Get well Zizou! We are all there for you. I say a little prayer to St. Francis of Assisi – the patron saint of nature. He loved animals and they stood still listening to him. I pray he listens to my words for you boy!


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