To Zizou on his sixth birthday

It’s your day big boy,
Not just today but everyday.
But hey let’s just stick to a grand celebration today
Cause it’s your sixth birthday.

Thank you for being there, thank you for being you,
Thank you for the tantrums and bearing mine too,
You gave me company, you gave me friendship,
but above all you were there no matter where I fell.

You came home a sullen boy
that little spot on your head and the thread round your neck.
You cried you scraped at the door those first few days
But I was there to hold you and make sure you were safe.

You grew, I grew, I went away that’s true,
But every time I get back home, you wait for me right there.
Don’t mistake that for being taken for granted, cause I look forward too,
when I get home and give you a hug we know we are right there for us.

You grew out of clotheslines and leave them alone,
You stop chewing sandals on every door step.
There you are, you changed and proved it could be done
Watching you all these years has really been fun.

Be there boy, be there for me,
You watch over me as I did when you were young,
We got a whole life ahead and it’s a long winding road
Be there buddy and I will be there for you.

Happy birthday Zizou!


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