Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend, what with the Eid date being slightly miscalculated and there we have it… three whole days. Today was a good day, almost auspicious, as I got a lot of formal work, regarding a personal investment, out of the way. A prayer for a good start and then signing stuff, gathering more stuff on how to take things forward followed by a great meal, made my time worthwhile.

I was at Flamenco for lunch – a quaint, relaxed (chilled out actually) restaurant that serves continental cuisine. Located off the Jain temple road in Jayanagar, Flamenco is run by Abhijith, a young self-taught cook who runs the place for pure passion and fun, but definitely not at the expense of taste and quality. Relaxed interiors, no formalities and a wide menu to choose from. I would recommend anything on the menu, but make sure you end the meal with waffles and ice cream. The waffles here are simply awesome.

Though, this afternoon i stuck to a risotto with chicken and mushrooms in red sauce. That was more than enough. Tummy khush, me bhi khush 🙂


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