She waits and she glances
but the impatience catches up.
She takes a few steps forward
but then she’s cautious cause it matters.

She believes in herself, in her life in her thoughts,
A belief so strong it never backs down.
It wavers at times but she does stand tall
Cause it matters to her that she rises and never falls.

She sleeps.

Her sleepy eyes squint in the slight morning light,
As it seeps through the curtains she tosses and turns.
Not one to be disturbed by natures rigorous schedule
She wakes as she has to when she knows the time is right.

Her stifled yawns are those of an indulged infant
One full of innocence of the world at large.
But she does know where her next steps take her
Even though she may not admit it to herself and all.

She sleeps.

She breathes the air of a thousand thoughts
That align themselves in a disciplined flood.
Time waits for her in her beautiful arms
As she caresses the last strains of the day that begins.

Her lips so soft and warm,
Never lie, and hold on to words with religious fervour.
Her eyes raise slightly when she senses pain
Cause she realises and feels the very same.

She sleeps.

Her tears are hidden and rarely appear
Her sorrows are camouflaged except to the sensitive eye.
She never ponders but moves on in her mind
Except when she’s bludgeoned with words unkind.

Her touch so soft, her grip so steely
Sure in her beauty, sure in her strength.
She carries herself with the world listening to her
Seeing, believing, the woman that is her.

She sleeps.

She knows what’s going on in your mind
The twists and turns and the myriad lies.
It hurts but she never shows
Till it matters and she makes sure you know.

Truth and innocence lie in her deep
She treasures the same and these values are for keeps.
She knows a wordsmith when she sees one
This is for her as she lets me know when I am done…

We sleep.


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