Music – My Best

‘Stop Your Cryin’ – Spiritualized

Uplifting and spiritual, the flourish at the end gives me goosebumps everytime.


‘Man in the mirror’ – Michael Jackson

This song is surprising in its passion, not of the ‘Thriller’ or ‘Beat it’ variety. Jackson must have been reaching out for more through this song. Meaningful, snappy, at the same time soulful.


‘Burnin for You’ – Blue Oyster Cult

It burns literally. The song tempo matches the flames in your fireplace.


‘Jesus Walks’ – Kanye

No blinking while listing Kanye here.


‘Jump’ – Van Halen

This is why I really love the ’80s. The wild glam energy, crazy stunts and Eddie Van Halen’s axe.


‘Redemption Song’ – Bob Marley

Jamaica’s Saint.


‘Hosanna’ – A.R. Rahman (from the film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa)

Hauntingly beautiful.


‘Kyrie Eleison’ – Mr. Mister

Once again the ’80s does what it does best on this Irish term.


‘Every Breath You Take’ – The Police

Sting deserves every penny he still gets from radio play.


‘Red Red Wine’ – UB40

Reggae and unemployed youth never made a better combination. After all these years, still and always my favourite.