How much do you weigh?

Emily Blunt’s free spirited catch phrase sums up this light and lovely movie that leaves behind a wonderful feeling on an exhausted heart and mind. ‘Wild Target‘ is a nice small film that leaves you smiling all the way with its simple but heart warming tale of an assassin and his relationship with a would-be victim. Wild Target

Bill Nighy‘s cold assassin and Emily Blunt‘s free spirit are a match made on the city streets and countryside of England. It’s a sight to see the cold as steel Nighy give in to his feelings and do a double-take when it comes to Blunt. She is Blunt in her beauty and vivacity and makes no bones on who she is against the calculating hard-as-nails killer.

The movie has it share of stars who add their own touch to this madcap caper of a movie but I loved the intensity with which the two leads with opposing characteristics literally beat the heat of bullets and a sinister mom who pops in whenever she feels like but in the end proves that mommy knows best as far as her sons profession is concerned.

A day when I faced some personal heat and tried to digest soemthing edible, this was a welcome experience that left me a bit lighter. “How much do I weigh?” Maybe I should have Miss Blunt ask me that now.


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