My Favourites

As the sun goes down on another day at the start of the weekend, I reminisce on the past week that included my birthday and try and reach out for some of the favourite things in my life. I am a man of few wants. This does not in any way qualify Leonardo Di Caprio’s on-screen statement in ‘The Aviator’, “You say that you don’t care about money because you have it.” Definitely a highlight statement in an otherwise straightforward biopic, but I value that statement specially when I come across vacuous material infatuations.

My few wants are defined by things I feel strongly about – they make me emotional… extremely emotional, possessive to the point of being devious… well these strike me right now. I have decided to keep track of what has inspired me and what I have loved over the years. These are mainly restricted to the arts and entertainment…  fields that provide the greatest laughs and tears within the confines of my ‘fortress’ in Bangalore.

My favourite movies, series, music… it’s coming.