December has been a month of discovery – discoveries of what we thought were ‘forever lost footage’ from our family past and as the day and in turn the year comes to a close, I pulled up some old snaps and crudely scanned them with my Canon PowerShot. Not sure how clear they are, but these are memories clearly embedded in my thoughts – fond memories that I look upon in wistfulness at times as I wish for the past that was simple and fun.

Aunt and I
Me and my aunt - Favourites always... 1981?
Somewhere in Michigan
Somewhere in Michigan - Dad and I c. 1983
More of Michigan - with mom and some kids of family friends
More of Michigan at the model western railroad - with mom and some kids of family friends c. 1983
At Disney World with mom
At Disney World with mom c. 1983
Washington Memorial
Dad and sleepy me at the Washington memorial - There's Pot Belly my favourite teddy bear in Dad's hand. Still have it. Still a favourite. c.1983
Veronica mama and I
Veronica Mama - my babysitter in Nigeria. "She was the best babysitter ever," according to mom. This was taken in Ketu c. 1985
London Zoo
At London Zoo with mom, aunt, grand-aunt and cousin - 1984
London 1983
At aunt's place in London - 1984
Lamby and co.
With Uncle and cousins on the 'flashy' lambretta at paternal grandmom's place - 1987

(The photographs featured in this post are the sole property of the author of this blog)


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