I was staying in our estate bungalow for the first time since the renovation. In the meantime a lot of old stuff from the old bungalow on the other side of the estate was moved here.  Dad and I began going through the various cupboards that were brought in and we came across some curious artefacts.

The following were what we discovered as we rummaged through the cupboards:

  • Grandpa’s and great-grandpa’s account books (dating back to the 1940s) meticulously maintained.
  • An album with photographs dating back to the late 1930s – this included great-grandpa Bonaventure Martis’ family photo, following him receiving the ‘Benemerente’ from the Pope for services to the Mangalore diocese. The photo includes Dad and my aunt (both looking hilarious as ever) and the entire Martis-Pinto clan with the founder of the Bethany Order, Fr. Mascarenhas (who was recently beatified by Pope Benedict XVI). This is a classic if there is any.
  • Further albums with Grandpa and family in Basra and Baghdad where Grandpa was posted with the Royal Air Force in the accounts department (now I know where the meticulousness in accounts came from).
  • A photo of me that Grandpa used to keep on his table till the day he died. (He died when I was seven months old).
  • Cameras from three different generations – ancient as hell
  • A passport of Grandpa’s sister.
  • Royal Air Force documentation of Grandpa’s.
  • More photos of Dad and his sister when they were kids (even more giggles).
  • Old Ceylon currency notes and coins.
  • Naya paise coins from just after Independence.
British Iraq photo album
British Iraq photo album
The 1940-50 era cameras
Three generations of cameras from a bygone era
A 1940-50 era camera
A 1940-50 era camera - eBay worthy
Bonaventure Manuel Martis with the whole family and the founder of the Bethany Congregation
Bonaventure Manuel Martis with the whole family and the founder of the Bethany Congregation, Fr. Mascarenhas who was beatified by Pope benedict XIV recently – Photo includes a future recipient of the Vir Chakra – Commander George Martis, Dad and Aunt are in the midst of the kids in this photo

Memories… they never cease to amaze…

(The photographs featured in this post are the sole property of the author of this blog)


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