its HIM!

The last couple of weeks have been deadly. Deathly deadlines, dead bores, dead days, dead people… it’s no surprise that my tastes have moved into a zone that is defined in ‘death’ ly terms but has also actually refreshed my perspective to the redundancies around. Walks drive my mind and music quickens the pace and activity involved in this evening past time that I have managed to consistently maintain despite all other obligations.

In such a scenario emerges HIM, a Finnish rock band who’s power ballads reflect a haunting beauty and the beast waltz that never tires out. Listening to the cover of Chris Isaak‘s ‘Wicked Game‘, with the heavy riffs and bass in the deep haunting voice of HIM frontman Ville Valo, does lift up the spirits as it drums up support for the lost soul. A perfect end to the day… Here’s HIM.


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