Dim glimmers of hope

I thought I believed in angels… until I saw this email telling me that my next week in office was gonna be screwed. Its not that my life hasnt been screwed enough, considering the fact that I haven’t hit the wordpress keys for more than six months… and thats gotta be a record of sorts for this blog.

Work. The four-letter word that I hate the most at the moment. At the moment I would do anything for a nice long drive, especially if it happens to be somewhere around Mangalore. Unfortunately I was gently reminded by my parents that I would be home alone if I was in this weekend and there’s definitely no fun in that especially when it comes to setting the dining table for me. With hotels taking away my sense of taste in bad new Bangalore, home food is all that I crave for.

Weekend does not look too promising. Same old, same old… cleaning, watching some dumb fuck getting beaten up for standing up to other dumb fucks and eating out of cheap talk show hosts hands who’s cheap comments and even cheaper sense permeate into the very atmosphere that belittles every cultured nuance that nature has given us.

What’s boredom without a little sleep? It’s well past midnight and I need to catch more than forty winks to wake up and smell that freshly brewed South Canara coffee and the pungent sambhar into which piping hot idlis with soft centres are dipped in… and the vada. Damn, I need to sleep, I need to clear the mind, the air and all the airheads destroying my piece of mind.

God grant me the serenity to do as I wish,

to break others limbs and ………zzzzzzzzz


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