TREND SLAUGHTER FEST from Cyclopean Eye Productions (with Undergrind & Gigbox)

TREND SLAUGHTER FEST is an extreme metal event organized by Cyclopean Eye Productions, a new extreme metal venture in association with The Undergrind and Gigbox. This six hour-long event brings together a tight line up of 6 extreme metal acts, and is headlined by Orator, an old school death metal band from Bangladesh.Trendslaughter Fest - Cyclopean Eye Productions

Band line up- Orator – As intense Death/ Thrash band from Bangladesh influenced by Tantra and the Aghora philosophy, Orator has organized and performed at several local festivals with international acts like Manzer (France) and Infernal Curse (Argentina) in their country. The band has played at international festivals in Thailand and Sri Lanka and has released a 7” vinyl on Legion of Death Records (France), a full length CD on Butchered Records (USA), a tape on Eternal Transmigration Records (Argentina) and is soon to release a full length CD on Barbarian Wrath Records (Germany). Dying Embrace – Pioneering Death/Doom act from Bangalore who have been in existence for twenty years with releases on international labels (7” vinyl on Legion Of Death Records, France) (Compliation CD on Psychic Scream, Malaysia) and have the honor of being India’s oldest Death Metal band. Gorified – An integral part of the Bangalore underground scene, Gorified can vouch for rabid support from people who listen to Death/Grind music.

Other supporting bands include – Warhorse Chained (Kerala)-Brutal Death metal Culminant (Bangalore)- Melodic Death /Thrash Bevar Sea (Bangalore)- Stoner/Doom.

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Venue: Kyra

Entry: Rs. 300

First band kicks off at 3PM, so come early!

(This event is promoted by a close friend of mine – Sandesh Shenoy, perhaps one of the most dedicated extreme metal fans ever. Sandesh has used his professional marketing experience to bring together this event and combined with his extreme enthusiasm I wish this event gets to be as successful as his extremism.)


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