Don Draper & the depressed men

Moving towards the finale of Mad Men Season 3, I do sense that we are seeing the breakdown of the character of Don Draper. From the cold creative genius with a highly logical and sophisticated bend of mind, we are now exposed to the emotional patriarch who is struggling to bring his family together. However, he has not lost that risky touch in his personality that has nearly got him exposed time and again.Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

Season 3 continues to enthral, however a casual fact that I noted was the intensity of suspense that was levelled specially towards the end of the season. I see a slight shift in the writing strategy, moving towards suspenseful endings that may be closed in the next episode or later on in the series as the situations move from one characters personal environment to another. Saying this, it still does not dilute the essence of the show and does bring in some tense moments for the viewer.

The season endings in Mad Men are never explosive and considering the fact that there are major shift in the timelines, every season is a natural continuation of the last. Keeping with Don Draper, I watched Jon Hamm on Conan and the banter between the host and Mr. Draper turned towards the rumour that Hamm was supposed to play Superman in the next instalment of the series. Considering the fact that they were planning to put together an older version of the Man of Steel, this version did not hold good with the studios and was eventually scrapped. Pity, this would have put a whole new spin on mid-life crisis among superheroes and Hamm would have made an ideal Clark Kent with his almost handsome nerdy looks and the build to match.

Sticking with TV serials, Dexter makes its way to Star World, but it would be a pity to watch it on this channel considering the fact that most of the dialogue would be bleeped and critical but graphic scenes would be edited out by the good people at our censor board. Doesn’t make a difference anyway since I am up to speed with Dexter’s latest ‘projects’ as he keeps the blood flowing.


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