Blank, noiseless…

Life has become mundane – work, chores, TV to some extent, everything seems ‘normal’. Now that I am ensconced somewhat comfortably (too comfortably in fact) in my professional life, I am trying to get a proper perspective on what’s in store for me professionally.

There is always that strong feeling that I get even after achieving certain goals that there’s a lot more to decide out there. Decisions, decisions, decisions, these make up the fabric of our life – professionally and personally. I dread the fact when things go according to plan and all the pieces fall perfectly in place and the flow is smooth. There is always the feeling of dread that something will go wrong. There needs to be disorder in life. A disorder that breaks the monotony and on solving the issue brings in inner peace and satisfaction that would lead to an expensive self-treat.

Self absorption is a critical element in this process and with no strings attached this is a critical factor mapping my brain and serving as a guide for now. There are no crossroads, there are no domestic troubles, there are no financial pressures… there is a devil’s workshop in play as I delve into ‘unnecessary’ issues.

I rant and I write to keep in touch with the word, with what is supposedly my ‘core expertise’. I started as a write, grew as a writer and writing has framed my career so I do owe a lot to the written word. This ramble comes about as a response to the amount of time I have on hand and the fact that the only things I can think about are food and a good walk.


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