Valentines Special – The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadI watched the repeat telecast of ‘The Walking Dead‘ today on Star World. My first tryst with this series was when I read about Frank Darabont making this unique series based on a monthly comic book. Now I respect Frank Darabont for the movies he has made, the last being ‘The Mist‘ that shocked me with its twist ending and the shock was smart, clever and brave.

Now back to ‘The Walking Dead’. You have this Sheriff’s deputy wake up from a coma brought about by a gunfight. And then you have zombies all over the place. Taken in by some survivors the deputy then sets out in search of his family. The series includes the familiar and beautiful face of Sarah Wayne Callies who played Sara Trancedi on Prison Break. The zombies are pretty creepy and are accurately depicted (as per generalised impressions).

The most unsettling moments are the ones where the survivors make their way through the towns, cities and rural America – areas that are usually full of life but now remain desolate and are falling into ruins with the zombies being the majority here.

For all its violence and blood letting, ‘The Walking Dead’ is a thrilling drama and the premiere definitely set the tone for greater expectations as we go ahead. Being on a series trip (the others being Mad Men and Dexter) I believe there’s a stirring revolution happening on the small screen. There is some brilliant work coming out from US cable TV and there are more stories to be told on this medium. Here’s to TV and may the best roll out. To think I cursed this same medium some months back…


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