Home away from home

Chikmagalur – the family estate to be precise, is the next best thing after my home in Mangalore. Reconnecting with our estate in Mallandur, 20 kms. from Chikmagalur, was literally a breath of fresh air. My journey, mid-December, to the estate brought back strong childhood memories, specially considering the fact that we were moving from the 75+ year old ancestral house to the 20 year old ‘new’ bungalow on our side of the estate.

I snapped quite a few pics during our one day stay in the estate. As I said earlier, it did bring back some wonderful memories and I promised myself that the next stay would be longer.

Down memory lane - Kalkumry estate
Down memory lane - the ancestral estate
Coffee - Mallandur estate
This being the coffee season, here's coffee being dried after pulping
This gun would be more than 60 years old
Denora Estate
Entering our estate
Coffee season
The trees are alive!
Coffee & pepper
Do away with the salt. Here's coffee and pepper.
Coffee season - in bloom
Coffee in bloom - trust me, I have hardly been here during the season. So this was BIG for me.
Estate bungalow Chikmagalur
Home away from home - The estate bungalow as we walked up from the stream after going round the plantation.
Denora Estate
The writer's quarters next to our house
That's coffee
That's coffee!
Woods Chikmagalur
The woods are lovely dark and deep...

(The photographs featured in this post are the sole property of the author of this blog)



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