Dexter – ‘The Big One’ gets a fitting finale

There was the familiar tension that determined Dexter‘s fate over so many early episodes of the series. And when death comes calling on Dexter you can be sure he is not too far behind, especially if Death is in the form of a cool, smart talking, motivational guru with the slick character and heels of a well groomed corporate con as in Jordan Chase – Dexter’s nemesis in Season 5.Dexter-Morgan-Season-5

Episode 11 of the season left off at a cliffhanger with various ends precariously placed and involving various characters in the series. The finale (episode 12) offered reasonable resolution that gives rise to a much anticipated season 6. I say ‘reasonable’ as I hold back complete praise for this season due to the fact that Julia Stiles’ character really pulled it down. I don’t know if it was bad acting on her part (or maybe Michael C. Hall‘s Dexter is so convincing that a Deux Ex Machina would fall flat anytime here), but Lumen Pierce as portrayed by Julia Stiles, got on my nerves on more than one occasion.

Julia Stiles is not known to be a hammy or bad actor. There was enough of drama in the character she essayed here, but something still didn’t feel right about her being there. It could be that too much emphasis was placed on her character here or the nature of her character clashed with the solitude of Dexter Morgan. Well, for all I know enough of loose ends were tied up at the end, but there are still some niggling doubts as to what Dexter may have to face when he starts off next season. Too many close calls this season may take their toll on him… or will they? Can’t wait for Season 6.


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