Dexter – Season 5 Finale and I just can’t wait

The Dexter Season 5 Finale is playing tonight and I can’t wait to catch this. Season 5 started off on a promise of a new life for Dexter post wife Rita’s murder and the first couple of episodes did promise this. But midway, you had Julia Stiles come in as Lumen, a drifter caught up as a victim in a vicious torture ring, and then joining forces with Dexter, that greatly unsettled me.

Not used to seeing Dexter work with a partner, this association was heavily jarring and Julia Stiles did get on my nerves with her self righteous take on vigilante justice. But come the last few episodes, especially 9, 10, 11, there’s been a drastic change in the approach to the series, making it much more tighter, sharper and dynamic in content to bring in the taut and heart stopping moments that existed in Season’s 1&2.

Episode 11 ended in a thrilling multiple cat and mouse sequence between Dexter and the rogue cop from the Miami PD, who was spying on him, and Dexter’s interactions with Jordan Chase, that slick public motivational speaker, brilliantly portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller (Angelina Jolie’s real-life first husband for the uninformed). The teaser for the finale is gripping and you do feel for Quinn, Dexter’s antagonist within the department, who may end up on the wrong side of the law for a chance ‘drop’ of evidence that falls on him. Peter Weller (Mr. RoboCop himself) who plays the dirty cop in this season, was a pretty good addition to the cast and creepy as hell. He is one mo’fo’ I would like to get away from as soon as possible if I come across him in real life.

So that’s it for the pre-finale update. Go get ’em Dexter.

BTW Dexter just got a shot at a new season. So there’s more coming up in Season 6 and I get the feeling he wouldn’t be carrying on his work from behind bars. Let’s see if Season 5 finale tops last season’s brilliant finale shocker.


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