Dexter, Dexter… and more Dexter Morgan

I am on a Dexter trip – that TV series that puts the blood into bloodbath. Dexter Morgan Season 4Courtesy a generous ‘long-lost’ friend, the fourth season of Dexter was something I was looking forward to ever since I heard that it beat the living daylights out of Season 3. Not that Season 3 was bad… maybe it was slightly muted compared to the high tension of the first two seasons, but what the hell considering Dexter‘s high standards, it makes ‘Lost’ go hide in whatever black hole the island generates out there. Not that I hated ‘Lost’, but hey you get the point.

Michael C. Hall is now doing double duty as Executive Producer and lead character and after going through half of the fourth season I must say that one of the most intense cat and mouse sequences are in motion with Dexter facing off with the Trinity Killer played by the ever impressive John Lithgow. Lithgow is one of those actors who can crack you with his ironic humour and scare you with his maniacal intensity which can go outright campy as in Cliffhanger or downright creepy as in Dexter and Raising Cain.

As I type this out, Season 5 is well in progress. Here’s to Dexter Morgan. Go slice them Dex.


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