A pleasurable restaurant review – Veekes and Thomas, JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore

Just got back from a great dinner at Veekes and Thomas. This dinner was the last I will be sharing with my cousin in Bangalore before he gets married in November. Now Veekes and Thomas is a restaurant that came with very strong recommendations and it certainly did not disappoint.

It took us some time to locate the restaurant in JP Nagar 2nd Phase. Tucked away close to the Ranga Shankara Theatre, Veekes and Thomas is a 3-4 table small restaurant, with a big heart. Entering the place, you realise that you have made it to a simple place, he to frills and no fuss, but with an underlying class that expresses itself in the quality of food. The rattan chairs around small glass tables do make it a bit cramped and slightly uncomfortable to sit, but I am going to oversee all this to get down to the food.

Continental fare at its best with a taste customised for our Indian palates – that’s how Veekes and Thomas describes itself in its website and that’s the taste we got from the very first bite. Easy on taste, sense and palate, it is truly a relaxing gastronomic experience.

Now for the menu. The Veekes and Thomas menu is extremely detailed with a lot of Italian/Continental terms and at the first shot it did present a confusing mixture. Maybe it’s the fact that my tryst with Continental fare is limited, but then when you start reading through the menu, it does give you a pretty good idea of what’s what.

Despite the detailed menu, we were a bit lost on what to order and that was when the friendly manager and manageress came in. They took turns to give us a fair idea and recommended the dishes to be tasted. And that’s how we ended with a classically fried plate of chicken nuggets with brown sauce followed by chicken salami with oyster mushrooms crostini. The crostini topped with a thick layer of cheese was crisp and quite a mouthful of tasty chicken and ‘rooms.

For the main course, aided by the manager, I settled for a chicken steak with mashed potato while my cousin had the stuffed chicken (pocked? was it) dish. Laced with thick gravy that was not greasily heavy, these chicken dishes were real juicy and not too rich or thick with spice. This balanced blend of spices made it that much more comfortable as the meal gently settled in.

Topping this meal, I had a wonderful mocha desert that came with a ‘just right’ crunchy crust with a rich chocolaty flavour that was not too rich, if you know what I mean. The chocolate mousse ordered by my cousin was a creamy chocolaty delight.

A delectable balance exists in the food served at Veekes and Thomas and I would definitely rate it extremely high on the burrpometer. However, I would love to see the place expand. Going by its theme of being the ‘Fab India’ of the food scene, Veekes and Thomas looks to be taking this route in a planned manner avoiding any reckless expansion or investment in the highly overpriced real-estate sector in Bangalore. It would do well to improve the seating experience a bit as the low, sunk rattan chairs are a bit hard on the back when eating. That apart, I would definitely give a two thumbs up and I did give a physical demonstration to the manager when he passed by our table.

Now, we come to the bill. Veekes and Thomas follows a NGO sort of business model, where they use biodegradable material for plates, hire and train the underprivileged to be a part of their growing business network and team. Commendable, that business men are putting the ‘good’ into business in a real sense of it. The dishes are fairly priced compared to the highly overcharged fares on MG Road or Indiranagar.

Summing up, this is not the last time I will be visiting Veekes and Thomas. We went to the JP Nagar 2nd Phase branch at No. 22, 5th Cross, 24th Main,  JP Nagar 2nd Phase Bengaluru. However, they do have another branch near the Brigade Millennium apartments in JP Nagar 7th Phase and street counters in Jayanagar and Cunningham Road. Takeaways seem to be popular at the moment, but I guess a larger dining experience could make a better impact.


2 thoughts on “A pleasurable restaurant review – Veekes and Thomas, JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore”

  1. I was very curious to visit this particular restaurant in Bangalore named Veekes and Thomas due to its name and continental food. Being complete foodie, I try to explore different types of restaurants in city. Recently enjoyed food at Veeks Thomas and Barbeque nation.. both located in JP nagar. Had ordered online home delivery at
    http://hungryzone.com/barbeque-nation Veeks and thomas serves really yummy continental food, overall dining experience was good ..had good time with friends.

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