Congress – BJP domain wars

Type on your browser and you are going to be taken to the Indian National Congress official website. At least that was the case this morning at 11.46 AM IST as I entered this post.

The current official Bhartiya Janata Party website is, but the popularity of the .com domain makes users naturally enter on their browsers. The re-routing of this URL to the Congress website is particularly fishy and quite hilarious in fact, and it needs to be seen which imaginative mind either on the Congress’ side or the domain host providers’ ventured ahead with this.

BJP may be regretting that they were not alert when the domain registry term expired. If I am not mistaken, used to redirect to

Right now, looks like there’s a verbal battle going on between the two parties as they each convey press conferences or concalls with various media outlets. NDTV is running the same on TV. Looks like the Congress IT Support team has showcased some creative initiative here, it’s left to the BJP IT Systems staff to firefight this out.


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