Ode to Wych Kaosayananda

Why would anyone ever make Ecks vs Sever,

while adding the title ‘Ballistics’ forever;

Featuring the international cast of Banderas and Liu,

along with a director who will never ever get his due.

They shoot, maim and they kill,

and we keep watching as we foot the theatre bill;

The monologues sound more like something that rhymes with ‘tart’

In this writer’s structure the donkey came after the cart.

Me act natural, me act deep,

That’s what old Antonio is saying in his sleep;

Me act cat, me act bitch,

That’s Lucy’s swan song and the last time she gets rich.

Who is Ecks? Who is Sever?

Will I get to know this ever,

I am getting euthanised by those flashing images,

Hey, that’s just Antonio and some bobbing cleavages.

Wych Kaosayananda – that’s the director’s name,

I know its a mouthful that you’ll forget all the same;

He would do well as Jigsaw’s next 3D victim,

Or the ‘Human Centipede’s’ next escapade up someone’s rectum.

That’s my two cents on Ballistsic – the max my brain allows,

The box office returns match the number above;

I would advise watching it too,

When you have no backup plan in the loo.


4 thoughts on “Ode to Wych Kaosayananda”

    1. I don’t know if you are the real Wych Kaosayananda, but if you are then I am honoured that you made it to my blog and was sporting enough to acknowledge this piece.

      1. I truly doubt there would be anyone going around impersonating me online. Seriously, after a decade and “millions” of people dissing me and that movie, it was fresh to see someone do it in such a creative and entertaining way. I really did enjoy it. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch my latest film and go again. 🙂

        1. Hi Wych, Thank you for stopping by and I know it’s you now. I will definitely catch your latest movie – “Bangkok Love Story” I assume from IMDB. All the best for this project and I hope I have some more lines to contribute 🙂 Take care and wish you the best.

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