Nadal wins 2010 US Open Finals vs Djokovic

As I write this Rafael Nadal is on the verge of winning his first US Open title and completing his career Grand Slam. I am watching the fourth set right now and after leading 5-1, Djokovic pulled one back to make it 5-2. Nadal leads Djokovic by two sets to one.

The two players are now walking back to the court after a short break with Nadal serving for the match. After winning the first point, Nadal shows his brilliance with a perfect return to a near net return from Novak Djokovic. Djokovic gets some luck on  the third point as the ball clips the net. The match is hard fought and the crowd is extremely enthusiastic with a lot of whistles and cheers going around the courts and this takes in the commentators too.

Nadal now makes a similar brilliant return by running to the net and firing down a shot for the championship point. Silence.

Nadal and Djokovic exchange a few rallies until Djokovic hits one out. Nadal wins. Nadal collapses in his characteristic style and celebrates as the crowd sort of gives out a muffled cheer. Was the crowd rooting for another set?

The match was delayed for nearly two days following rains, but the US Open doesn’t seem to have lost its sheen, even though people were expecting a Federer Nadal summit clash. The prize distribution goes on as scheduled and as per script as Rafael Nadal gets ready to bite into his trophy.


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