My Mangalore weekend

Back in Bangalore this morning after a weekend of gorging on home food backed by ice cream from Pabba’s, Mangalore’s very own and in the eyes of every Mangalorean – the best ice cream in the world. As usual the days passed by pretty quickly.

Spent a part of the holiday shopping with my cousin for suit material for his wedding. As the best man, I too had to tag along to get a lighter shade of suit material from the Raymond’s showroom in the Empire Mall complex on Mangalore’s M.G. Road. A lot of thought seems to have gone into our suit selection and I just had to do as I was told, so it was sort of a peaceful experience as I am otherwise a pretty fidgety shopper with a penchant for blindly buying stuff to avoid the pain of searching or bargaining, though you could say this has changed a bit once I settled down in Bangalore. The Raymond’s showroom in Empire Mall does have a wonderful selection of formal and casual wear and another dekko at this place would help my shopping pangs. The Color Plus casual collection here was also pretty decent.

Following this, we went over to Star Wear tailors in Falnir, one of Mangalore’s landmark tailors who specialize in suits and formal wear. The Star Wear guy did remember suiting me up nearly seven years back, so it was pretty smooth going as I realized a lot had changed in styling since then. Suits now had two buttons and the pants had a flat front unlike earlier where suits had three buttons and pants had pleats.

Ran into some trouble with the vehicle on the way back from the tailors as in all probability the battery of our Scorpio died down and I got stuck in the rain bang in the middle of the crowded KS Rao road in Mangalore. Got down and managed to move the vehicle to the side. After many tries to crank up the engine, I waited for the Mahindra helpline to get back. After a few minutes, thought I will take another shot at starting the vehicle and voila, the engine roared back into action without a hitch. Weird! Now we got to ascertain if this is a battery problem or some electrical problem in the engine circuits which may be sucking the life out of the battery or may have screwed up some connections.

Six years and over 80,000 kms and I guess the Scorpio has run its life. Need to keep our options open at this stage.


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