President Osama in Sunday Express?

Today’s Sunday Express (The New Indian Express edition) had a major typo in its mid-page features. It was in Soli Sorabjee’s Soliloquies section. A reference to President Obama is spelt as President Osama. Such a mistake appearing in a national newspaper does call for action, either on the newspaper’s part by apologising before it becomes an issue, or the concerned diplomatic authorities may have to pull them up.

Soli Sorabjee’s column does draw in a lot of eyeballs, what with his razor sharp insights on Indian democracy and politics at large, and the humorous or interesting asides at the end of his serious write-up. The fault for this typo however would largely be attributed to the sub-editor and the editor who would have had a look at his main features before giving the go-ahead.

Wonder how this is going to go down with the US if they spot and report this. Anyway, looking forward to a lazy Sunday. The Express does take up a lot of time what with their innumerable write-ups in the supplements – some nonsense but mostly sense.


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