Dabangg Tracker

A chat with my friend brought about the question of ‘what if Dabangg failed after all the hype around it?’ This got me thinking after recalling Bollywood’s stinker list of over-hyped movies – Chandni Chowk to China, Tashan, The Rising – Mangal Pandey, Sawariya…Dabangg film poster

My final verdict – that’s impossible. Reasons? Here goes,

Abhinav Kashyap – The brother of Dev D’s director ought to have learnt some pretty good lessons from the older sibling. The la familia factor extends beyond the Khan’s for this movie.

Munni Badnam Hui – The item song defines every North Indian kitschy movie template and this may not be foot tapping but it definitely gets the pelvic thrusts up and moving. Add Malaika Arora and you have a winner there. Oops I missed the Khan at the end of her name.

Dialogues – In my film viewing experience, a handful of memorable dialogues are more than enough to ring the cash registers at the BO. ‘If I beat you up, you would not know whether to pass wind through your ass or your mouth’, now this definitely sounds more pleasing when said in Hindi.

Trailer perfect – Trailers can sell movies, in most cases the first week collections are mostly based on trailer recall. By the time trailer fatigue sets in, the movie would have recovered its budget. Dabangg’s trailer is one of the most amazing campy trailers ever. The Bihar-UP badland action comedy genre never looked or felt this good.

Arbaaz Khan, the Producer – Sallu Bhai’s brothers have always ensured that he received the best coverage when it came to the movie. This was determined by their involvement as directors or producers.Whether its Sohail Khan in ‘Partner’ or Arbaaz in Dabangg, family has always ensured that Salman got the best launch.

Sallu, Sallu, Sallu bhai all the way… – Love him or hate him, you can’t grudge the guy his fame. Nor Salman Khan‘s star power. His fans remain no matter what he does and from a casual fan to a serious fan, I vouch for the guy’s ability to pull off serious slapstick comedy fare that is worth much more than a Filmfare statuette. Try watching ‘Hello Brother’, ‘Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya’  – poorer cousins of Dabangg, but you will get the drift.

So who’s gonna roll up their sleeves against this film, eh? Family always wins.


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