Tata Crucible Bangalore 2010

I am back from the Tata Crucible, Bangalore edition 2010. Held at St. John’s auditorium in Koramangala, this times edition saw fewer teams. The last time I attended the quiz, I remember there was a virtual stampede out there.

The quiz was pretty good. Giri ‘Pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam was the quizmaster as usual and he does seem to get better by the year. My colleague was attending a quiz for the first time and I was quizzing after a gap of nearly two years, the last being the 2008 edition of Crucible. From Lady Gaga’s 10 million plus hits on Facebook to tracing the origins of banking through a Nativity painting that was meant for the Medicis in Italy (I hope I got the connection right here), this times quiz was short but packed in quite a punch.

We did not make it, but I feel we did not screw up completely. 10 out of 25 in the prelims with a chance that we could have done better through a few more correct answers and I got back home with just a tinge of disappointment. On our way out we got some flyers describing a quiz organized by Symbiosis. Gotta check out the details.


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