Follow-up to svchost.exe problem

After fixing my Windows XP OS using the patches mentioned in Technibble and chronicled in my last blog, things were working out fine until yesterday morning, i.e. hardly 24 hours had passed than the problem reappeared. I continued trying to reinstall the patches but the situation still prevailed.

Desperate to the point of just throwing out the laptop, I went back to the Technibble and followed the comments on the page. One comment stuck out. The user had followed the complete process of installing the patches and had rebooted the system. However the system slowdown persisted. The Technibble author had replied back and asked the user to switch off the automatic updates in the control panel.

Now, when I got to the control panel and check for the Automatic Updates link, I could not find it upfront. However when clicking the ‘switch to classic view’ link on the left hand side menu, you get most of the COntrol Panel features upfront and Automatic Updates was very much around in the list. I double-clicked the same and clicked the automatic updates OFF option. Rebooted the system and everything is fine.

Special thanks to Bryce Whitty for this really good article on Technibble. It really saved me lot of trouble.

Point by point process

  1. Got to Start>Settings>Control Panel
  2. Control Panel appears in the Windows XP default format
  3. Click on ‘Switch to classic view’ on the left hand side side-menu list
  4. Double-click Automatic Updates from the list
  5. Select the Automatic Updates OFF option
  6. Reboot the system and you are all set

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