Yawnnnnn… and more yawnnnnssss

I am bored. Bored of everything around me. The World Cup was supposed to be a ray of hope in this boring life, but two days and 5 matches later… yawn. Maybe Maradona‘s antics at the sidelines were the only saving grace so far. Hope Brazil live up to some football with flair.

I am in Mangalore for the weekend and the weather is simply lovely. I love the first rains – they are an inconvenience agreed, but the first rains with the slight chill and the coastal breeze does make for a pretty scene especially with the cocnut trees waving in the wind and the semi-dark clouds that bring in a Middle Earth sort of feel in the monsoons. The last couple of days saw sporadic showers that have settled down this Sunday evening as I type out this post out of boredom.

Me and the folks are planning to go to the beach. Its been some time since I have been over there. Looking forward to this. The beach is at its best during the first rains.