WordPress down?

Tried getting onto WordPress this morning but looks like it was down for some time. First time I am coming across this problem, but there had to be a precedent for this. Googled and voila, there are many instances of maybe the system getting updated or something…

For all its worth technology ain’t god. Thanks wordpress, being down and out for a while does make this communication platform much more appealing. We are in the same league – wordpress and me. The next time a client of mine complains about there being downtime they better get their pawns in place, cause when you are lower down the pecking order you gotta be prepared for the downtime. Don’t blame me . I am not god, neither are you and the more you demand the more will I be in a position to sock the teeth out of you.

Pardon the rambling, perhaps getting ready for the week ahead does get me into a foul mood. What the hell, it’s Sunday morning still. And I am just back from India Coffee House on Church Street and a breakfast of 2 dosas, 1 vada and 1 plate of scrambled eggs on toast (love the stuff fried with a hint of milk), washed down by a cup of coffee tainted with an overdose of chicory… but boy was it good and to top it all stopped by the local coconut vendor for some semi-sweet nut water. Good once again. At cousin Shaun’s place today. Lazing.


2 thoughts on “WordPress down?”

    1. Nope. The road widening work on MG Road has claimed the India Coffee House and there was also something about the landlord asking for a hefty rent. The Brigade Group has put them up in their Church Street building for a nominal fee.

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