R.I.P Wilfy Rebimbus

I missed something I had added to my checklist subconsciously a long time back. I know attending a Wilfy Rebimbus concert was one of those ‘things you do before you die’ pointers that had to be there on any Mangaloreans list. If only I had known.Wilfy Rebimbus

For the uninformed (i.e. all non-mangaloreans) Wilfy Rebimbus (Konkan Kogul) was a giant of Konkani culture in the entire Konkani belt of the west coast of India. He was a Konkani singer who’s rich voice filled the homes of families through LPs or cassette players on humid evenings in Mangalore. My introduction to Wilfy’s songs were through the bands playing covers during fancy fetes or through the recordings that were played during any Konkani function in the family or community. He had a rich voice and was revered among all, even the present generation.

We will miss you Wilfy. We will miss those famous ‘Wilfy Nites’ that were organized for years in Mangalore and around. Your tryst with Mangalore brought in a melodious flow that cooled the otherwise warm coastal breeze. Take a bow Wilfy… if ever there was a decent human being who deserved to reach out higher, it was you.


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