Good Samaritans?

Morning news – Depressing but how true? I woke up this morning to NDTVs breaking news on scenes captured by a freelancer of a cop fighting for his life by the side of the highway as a convoy of ministers stopped and stared. Stopped and stared! Well that’s what it looked like on film as ministers got out for a while from their vehicles and watched the cop writhe n agony. The incident happened near Tirunelveli and prior to the convoys arrival on the scene the cop had been attacked with sickles and crude bombs. The footage showed part of his leg blown off (it was blurred) and his bloodied face in anguish as he rolled on the highway screaming for help.

From what I saw on TV, the ministers were roaming around their vehicles speaking on their mobile while nearly 10 vehicles stood by with cops and bureaucrats. Not a single person helped the cop by taking him to hospital while he bled in pain. even the cops just stood around watching the scene and poured some water on him while he cried. The news report then said that after 20 minutes a vehicle was brought in to take the cop to the hospital and he died on the way there. No doubt, from this report the clear callousness of the cops and the ministers is evident or is it so? When reading a news report on the net, I came across a statement from the brother of the deceased that he was confident that the people around especially the police did everything they could to save his brother. In defence of the cops from the convoy and the ministers, crude bombs were thrown around and they may have had a role in making them more careful while approaching the cop. Why am I so cynical? I have seen enough of the media and the twisted stories that have been playing to have any more faith in their judgment. Until the facts come to light, I am not going to jump to any conclusions but if that cop was callously left to die there then there can be no mercy for the people who stood around without acting.

Let’s hope the truth comes out in the first shame of the year (either way its a shame if the people didn’t play the good Samaritan role or if the media misrepresented this story).