A professional leap forward

Wipro New WebsiteA little over two months and the new Wipro website is up and running. That’s right, I just completed my largest project to-date, as a part of the team that developed the new Wipro website. As the lead content writer, it was a real challenge developing content for over 500 pages. We did it with our team of HTML developers, engineers, testers, writers and designers. The results are for all to see at www.wipro.com

So far so good, we are fine tuning the website and the feedback from around the world has been great. There will be some complaints from the conformists I am sure, but for now I am savouring the successful launch with the team.


Tolerable smells

Perfume – The Story of a Murderer’ would be the last film that one would expect from director Tom Tykwer. This period piece with its gentle pace and laborious set pieces is a far cry from the chaos and twists in the life of Lola in the highly kinetic ‘Run Lola Run’. While


being an extremely well made film, the only connect that I felt while watching this movie was the brilliant narration by John Hurt. I would go as far to say that the narration was the high point of the film.

British actor Ben Winshaw, plays Grenouille, who is the person in the title of this film. Orphaned, he uses his extraordinary sense of smell to help create perfumes for a veteran perfumer called Baldini (Dustin Hoffman in an extended cameo). Grenouille then moves on to the city of Grasse where he learns superior perfuming methods but in the process undertakes murderous practices that fulfil his experimental methods of gaining the perfect scent.

The story is simple, the picturisation is lavish, but somewhere, somehow I felt let down by the fact that there was nothing gripping about this movie. I strongly believe that a movie needs to grip you in laughter, tears, fear, love… but I did not feel any empathy towards the characters here. It takes an emotional actor and a great director to bring that out. While well made, this movie never elevates to a level where the viewer is completely taken in. It’s a movie that stands as an icon as dynamic as the jaws of a dinosaur in a museum.

I checked Tykwer’s filmography after ‘Run Lola Run’ and he doesn’t seem to have taken that as a cue to forward his career at a rapid pace. He needn’t worry at the moment cause he still has the legs to take him on a long run but the clock is ticking. Stick to the present Tykwer.

This is not Happening

Somewhere along the way to Philadelphia, around 7 years back,  M. Night Shyamalan was struck by a mysterious illness that erased any

Dude, Where's My Grass?
"Dude, Where's My Grass?"

resemblance to his former self and led to a suicidal pact with the Lady in the Water. The source of this illness is explained in the completely autobiographical ‘The Happening‘. The surprising part of the story is that he survived the illness, though suicidal, to tell his tale.

To cut a long story short The Happening is about turning docile vegetarians into meat eating monsters. The movie creates a paranoia around all things leafy, i.e. the leaves go about spreading some toxin that makes people kill themselves. Oooh I’m scared! Papas and mamas are gonna tell their kids to ‘eat their meat’ from now on. Politically correct pundits are gonna make Popeye pop in a can of minced meat rather than that green holocaust called spinach.

And what was Mark Wahlberg thinking when he signed on with Night? He must have smoked something green and slimy that really screwed up things up close. All in all a touch of green for everyone in this film and I am not talking about the cash registers. Zooey Deschanel looked beautiful as ever but seemed too wide eyed for this movie. Did Manoj make her do numerous screen test takes on grass (and I mean this literally) that pasted that look on her face.

Hey Mr Shyamalan you better call it a Night.