Green is for Veggies

Tom Green has to be the most overrated comedian ever. WTF I wonder why anybody even calls him a comedian. Even a self-induced shot of laughing gas would make it difficult to overcome the horror of his act. Green, no doubt has moulded himself on the shock jock act. He connects his ‘comedic’ intensity with the method acting of Brando and Strasberg, and he no doubt considers himself a free-wheeling artist. It’s because of puerile minds like Tom Green’s that I fully endorse artistic fascism.tom green

I, for one, cannot imagine why the media even considers this guy worthy to be spoken off. Need to know what set off this rant,

1. Immediate reason: After watching ‘Stealing Harvard’ last night. Green’s performance brought down a movie to the level of unusable horse manure, when it should have been usable. Please note that I am politely using the word ‘manure’ for both Tom Green and the movie.

2. He acts extremely self indulgent on talk shows. Appears like he was the last comic standing and all human kind had to look up to him. Pah! If he was the last man standing and I was the reanimated zombie, I would make sure he never infected our species.

3. He made Freddy got Fingered: There are some movies surrounded by such negative hype that you wouldn’t mind having a peek at them. I haven’t watched this movie, but after reading every review, every random dialogue that this movie offers it makes me so disgusted that I really wonder who were the a**holes who rented out the DVDs to help this movie turn up a profit after perishing at the theatres.

4. Green married Drew Barrymore: How could she do that? But what the hell, it soon turned out that my faith in her intelligence was vindicated when she dumped the green headed monster.

5. He gives a bad name to everything Green, Green IT, Go Green, Green Fuel (in his case would be a bad dose of flatulence)


2 thoughts on “Green is for Veggies”

  1. yeah this is the sick sonofabitch who pulled his pants down in front of john zorn and asked to be sodomized

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