When a vote skipped a beep

Finished voting yesterday morning. However the jury is out as to whether my sister’s vote was recorded. Managed to click a few pics at our polling booth in Bockapatna government school. With regard to my sister’s vote, no alarm went off when she pressed the button. The poll officials seemed clueless as to what the problem was. They asked her to press the button a couple more times before asking her to step aside and then asked me to vote.

All this while they went about searching the machine for defects. They obviously had no clue what was happening nor was there any technical person around. When I pressed the button the machine worked fine and beeped. Mysterious! They looked at the machine at  their end and then told my sis that her vote had been registered. How they came to this conclusion I have no clue. I then asked them right there how her vote could be recorded without any beep or signal as I was watching the presiding officers monitor. They again assured both of us that it was recorded.

I would have taken this issue forward if not for the long line of people who were waiting to cast their vote after us.

On a lighter note, the electoral candidate list symbols were hilarious. Among the independents these were the symbols they shared

– A gas cylinder

– ring with emerald?

– a basket

– flashlight

– coconut husk

Ha, I’m sure the election observers in charge of drafting these symbols have to really scrape through the A-Z symbols from nursery text books.


2 thoughts on “When a vote skipped a beep”

  1. take this for a political insignia…a friggin banana…I could swear that tinto brass was standing for that party

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