Blaaak, waaack, kraaack….. blumph

About the headline. I just could not help myself. Reached Mangalore this morning after another stinking journey in the volvo. A guy in the back seat of the bus puked all over himself and someone else, ran up to the drivers cabin and ended up puking even more right next to the driver. I remember waking up to the same pungent gagging smell and praying that the driver would not steer off the Shiradi ghats. There was an alcohol smell emanating from the puke and filled the entire bus. Driver and conductor cursed him and made him wait before stopping the bus and sending him off to relieve himself. Felt sorry for the conductor as he had to clean up the mess in the cabin.

The dumbass must have drank and got on the Bangalore-Mangalore bus. Anyways reached Mangalore without any further accidents. I am now getting ready to cast my vote in the elections here. Lets see if I can sneak in a few snaps from the polling booth 😉


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