Muddy Chaddi’s

I am not going to dignify the ‘pink chaddi’ campaign by replying to it…

I am not going to dignify the ‘pink chaddi’ campaign by replying to it…

I am not going to dignify the ‘pink chaddi’ campaign by replying to it…

WTF, here goes

Serial killer, Umesh Reddy would have had a field day this Valentine’s week collecting all the chaddi’s he could and soaking them in some kid’s Camlin acrylic paints. (For those in the dark about Umesh Reddy, this guy was perhaps Bangalore’s first serial killer who had a fetish for stealing women’s undergarments).

The first time I heard about the pink chaddi campaign was when I received an invite on my facebook account to join this group. Various thoughts went through my mind, one of them related to the fact that the singer Pink had finally got a surname. Going through the details and the blog of this campaign, I had a hunch that this was another one of those smart ass ad gimmicks by Rupa underwear, VIP undies, Dhoom Dhaam undergarments… you get the picture. Some ad guru must be patting his back on the ‘brilliant’ idea he had generated to boost Chimpu Chaddis.

But heck no, this is as real a campaign as can be. You even have collection centres to collect this piece of ladies garment and mail it to Muthalik and his merry men in Hubli. In return Nalli’s, Co-optex, Deepam Silks are all going to be sold out, what with Muthalik sending back sarees in return. This is one textile stimulus package that even Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram wouldn’t have dreamt of for the beleaguered industry.

Couldn't help borrowing this (Courtesy Plain Jane

Now where was I… yes, the chaddi’s. What is going to happen to these pieces of cloth? Is the Alternative Law Forum (who are collecting these items) going to have some alternative dressing contest?

I am going to have some new found respect for this Chaddi campaign group if they go ahead and auction the chaddis and use that money to prevent slum kids from becoming unnecessary millionaires. But that’s not gonna happen, I hear the union child and women welfare minister has endorsed this campaign. If that is so, then the minister is only demeaning women further by flinging their undergarments at men. It’s a prettier sight watching middle-aged women flinging their undies at Kenny Rogers than this.

Christy Bharath sums up the mood. You got my vote pal.


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