The world’s most f***ing awesome rant

For those of you who missed out on Christian Bale’s four-letter infused tirade against his cameraman on the sets of Terminator: Salvation, boy you did miss quite a bit. We first heard of Bale’s infamous bouts of anger prior to ‘The Dark Night’ premiere when he was said to have physically assaulted his mom and sis. And now you have some set guy record a classic tirade that would fittingly belong in a Samuel L. Jackson flick.

patrickbatemanIn defence of Bale, as a method actor he was entitled to go ballistic against the camera guy who walked across his action sequence not once, but twice, while he was in the middle of an intense monologue. The recording also showed the helplessness of McG (that’s the films director) to control his staff or even his star. It was obvious who called the shots in this next instalment of the Terminator franchise. Going by McGs past I guess he would feel more in control directing a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ sequence.

There’s more to this. No sooner was this recording leaked when you had half a dozen jobless underground dudes create remixes of the complete audio track with pumped up beats and other jazz. ‘Underground’ would literally mean the sewers in this case. Hilarious none the less.

I guess the next time I see a celebrity I am gonna piss him/her off so bad (I will be even worse than the stalker in Blades of Glory), get the recording and contact my local DJ (in this case our office sys admin who has access and plays whatever songs, whenever he wants). Sound Forge, YouTube and Google will do the rest.


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