Highway high!

supertrooperI laughed after a long time… really laughed. What else would you do if you watched a bunch of highway patrolmen going about their work pulling over speeding motorists and getting a kick out of using ‘inventive’ methods while approaching their quarry. Sample this – highway patrolman undertakes a challenge of using ‘meaow’ in every sentence he speaks while quizzing a speeding motorist. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Movie in question – Super Troopers.

Super Troopers follows a bunch of bored Vermont highway patrolmen who compete with the local police to write the most number of speeding tickets. Faced with the prospect of being shut down by the governor (Wonder Woman Lynda Carter in a cameo) due to budget cuts, the highwaymen are looking for that one big case that can make or break their force. Their wish is granted in the form of a murder off the highway that may be drug-related due to the large amount of hashish found at the scene and branded with a monkey logo from an Afghani cartoon.

The gags are numerous and the cast is hilarious. Believe it or not, you have an American reared Tam-Brahm leading the cast and directing this flick. Jay Chandrasekhar plays Arcot Ramathorn (Ram/Thorny), the senior officer in the unit and there is this running gag involving his ethnicity. Another gag going about is when he teams up with the obnoxious Rodney Farva who intends on calling their team ‘RamRod’. I have a new found respect for Brian Cox for taking the role of the Highway Patrol chief. He who portrayed Hannibal Lecter and William Stryker is hilarious in a Dan Ackroydish kind of way as he tries to get his team to toe his line and avoid having the station shut down.


Getting back to the Afghani monkey logo angle on the contraband, you have the patrolmen playing detective by watching Arabic reruns of the Afghani cartoon (Johnny Chimpo to be precise) to search for ‘clues’ as to the origins and suspects of this nefarious venture.

This movie is no police academy. The gags are far funnier than that series and the lines are wittier. The script is by the team who call themselves Broken Lizard (Jay Chandrasekhar and half of the cast). The team beats Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and co. pants down and pistol whips police academy. I read on their wikipedia entry that there is a prequel to be made on the super troopers. Here’s to the Broken Lizards – looking forward to more tales from you guys.


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