Music for the soul

There are musical voices that truly melt your heart and Shreya Ghoshal’s does just that whenever I hear her. The strains of her voice have an ethereal quality that reflect the innocence of sound thrown in a ring of silence. Without knowing her name or her singing background, the first time her vocal chords drew my attention were for the film ‘Jism’ on the ‘Jadoo hi nasha hai’ track. It was only later when I hear the song ‘Munbe vaa’ from the movie Sillunu Oru Kaadhal that the beauty of that voice really hit home.


‘Munbe vaa’ composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by Shreya Ghoshal is one of the most beautiful romantic compositions that reflect a perfect balance between singer and composer. I guess Lata Mangeshkar, musically directed by Salil Chowdhury, were the only ones who could achieve such perfect harmony. I am playing the song right now in office (obviously on my headphones). Pure bliss on a Friday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Music for the soul”

  1. I agree with you. There is an even better song in her debut movie – Devdas (Bairi Piya) which just reflects innocence in singing. I just love her voice. I even guessed that she has sung a kannada song just by listening to it once. Soulful and blessed voice!!

    Destination Infinity

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