Mangalore in the news – then and now

Note: Only those familiar with Mangalore may get the ‘change’ that is taking place in our city.



A group of girls walk down Arya Samaj road. They pass by the Lewis pub on that road. Local aunty sees them and spreads the news in the neighbourhood. ‘Modern’ girls are ostracised. No more marriage alliances go their way.

Girls have a dinner at the Amnesia lounge, a pub on Balmatta Road. Aunty sees them and joins them. They all get attacked by goons there. Aunty calls her friends from neighbourhood and has a big demonstration against the pub attack.

Cycle thieves strike again. Two Hercules cycles, one BSA cycle and an Atlas cycle disappear from Kankanady market.

Scorpio, Honda City and two Karizma’s stolen from parking lot of Bharath Mall.

Udayavani headline – ‘Encounter at Kuppepadav’. A farmer going about his morning ablutions behind some bushes had an encounter with a leopard at his Kuppepadav fields. Defends himself with ‘katthi’ (sickle).

Todays Udayavani headline – ‘Encounter at Gurpura’. Police encounter results in a guy dead and two others on the run. Automatic weapons recovered.

Mysterious lights seen on Kadri hills. Locals believe that divine intervention is warning us of the times to come.

Mysterious lights seen near Bajpe. That’s just the late night Dubai flights landing at Bajpe airport.

Teacher raps student’s knuckles for playing the fool in class.

Student reveals all about his teacher playing the fool with him in class.

Yekkur Baba presented in district sessions court (We all run to see Mangalore’s answer to Arun Gawli after we polish off our tiffin boxes. The court was right next to our school)

Pramod Muthalik presented in Mangalore sessions court (School gates are closed for fear of a riot about to begin)


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